Apr 162009

You know the economy’s bad when you get shut down for a job at 7-Eleven.

If you can afford to pay extra to live on the third floor of an apartment building, then you should also have to pay extra for a bed that doesn’t squeak so loud.

Thank you to all my engineering professors who chose not to have exams on April 20. I guess you all had other plans as well.

To the guy who thought I was winking at him: I had something in my eye.

Thanks, CSU, for not going into lock down Wednesday when two gunmen entered the LSC: My pepper spray

totally would have protected me against their rifles.

To whoever swiped my flash drive from the library, then proceeded to lose it in Yates: it’s now back in my hands. Joke’s on you!

Is anyone else tired of the intramural games being canceled? If you cant play in the cold and snow, you are in the wrong state.

To the people who have bells and chimes on their bags: not okay.

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