Apr 162009
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

While inclement weather may have cancelled Thursday afternoon’s practice, turning it into a basic walk through inside Moby Arena, CSU head football coach Steve Fairchild remains confident that the team will play the annual spring game on schedule Saturday morning, despite the forecasted snowstorm.

“The main thing is we want to get Saturday’s practice slash game in,” Fairchild said on Thursday. “It would have to be really bad weather for us to not go out there. I think if it’s raining or snowing we’ll just clear the field and still go.”

The spring game that features the Ram offense versus the Ram defense is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Saturday at Hughes Stadium and is open to the public so they can get an early preview of how the 2009 CSU football team looks in person.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about this team and just how exactly they will respond after losing their starting quarterback and running back from 2008’s New Mexico Bowl Championship season.

In line to start at running back next season is junior John Mosure, who is ready to perform on Saturday.

“Saturday we’re just looking to go out there and execute, especially offensively at running back,” said the Miami, Fla. native. “We’re going to try to get all of our assignments correct, we’ve had trouble being consistent this spring so hopefully we can do that as a unit.

“We really want to go out there and beat the defense because spring is the only time we have to compete against them. Because when it comes fall we’re competing against the Mountain West and all those other teams.”

While Mosure, along with junior college transfer Leonard Mason, will try to execute out of the backfield, junior quarterback Jon Eastman, a transfer from Snow College in Utah, will have his first opportunity to display his ability to Ram fans this weekend. He too is looking forward to taking care of the defense as he continues to compete for the starting quarterback role with senior Grant Stucker.

“You know, it’s the same attitude they have against us – they want to come out and beat us, we want to come out and beat them,” Eastman said. “We’ve had a few scrimmages already with high intensity, we’re all buddies afterwards, but it might get crazy out there. I guess you could say it’s like fighting with your brother, but you love him and you’re still going to love him at the end of the day no matter what.”

Eastman and the Rams aren’t looking past the fact that there could be up to a foot of snow on the ground when they take the field on Saturday, something they’ll have to work through just as they did two weeks ago.

“I think snow games definitely change the game a little bit, but it kind of depends on how much snow, wind, all that. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s good to be playing in Fort Collins because there’s always wind or rain or something and that’s how football is. You have to be ready no matter what. We can’t allow ourselves to use weather as an excuse for not performing at the best of our ability.”

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