Letter to the editor

Apr 152009

In a bold editorial stance, the Collegian Editorial board said, effectively, “Yeah, taking the Pinnacol money is probably shady, but do it anyway.”

I find it interesting but hardly surprising that the idea of actually cutting costs at CSU and the rest of the Colorado higher education system does not appear to cross their mind one little bit. Instead, it’s, “We need to remove caps that ‘prevent raising the state’s level of funding support for our schools’.”

The entitlement attitude represented by this quote from the editorial is just appalling: “The legislature shouldn’t look to students to bear the brunt of the costs of their education.”

Wow. Well, gee, then I think that the auto industry shouldn’t look to the consumer to bear the cost of buying a new car, and that the homebuilders shouldn’t look to the buyers to bear the cost of purchasing a house. Somebody throw some money at me!

Hey Collegian: Maybe you haven’t heard, but there’s a recession going on. Revenues and income are down everywhere and along with the revenues goes the state’s tax base.

Spending more money than is available is not actually a viable solution to anything. I can’t arbitrarily increase my spending and expect somebody to cough up the dough, nor can any business — heck if I can understand why you think that CSU should be any different.

Phil Mills

Fort Collins resident

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