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Last week, due to state budget shortfalls, we learned that a potentially devastating $300 million cut could hit Colorado’s higher education budget. From the uproar, you would have thought the state announced they were suspending Christmas, taxing every gallon of gas $20 and canceling the ski season.

It occurred to me that everyone today between the ages of 0 to 30 has every reason to blame the Baby Boomers (a.k.a. their parents) for the utter ruination of America.

The self named “Greatest Generation” went to war to stop a tyrannical conquering of the planet on two battlefronts. They came home and swore they would raise their children to have it better than they did.

Your children became spoiled adults who helped to vote a man into the White House who had never been in charge of anything in his career. You raised children and young adults who believe they are entitled, simply by being born, to affordable college education, free health care and who knows what else.

Students who choose to attend an out-of-state school, but have the audacity to complain when tuition increases are disillusioned and further demonstrate this cancerous sense of entitlement.

I hate to be the voice of transition from one generation to the next, but I think my fellow veterans will support me in saying you aren’t entitled to anything for which you haven’t worked yourself.

Do you really think tuition increases are the worst thing you are going to deal with as a student during a recession teetering on the edge of a greater depression?

What are you going to do when major grocery stores go under? Whine? Protest? Riot? Try working for your survival, you’ll discover all sorts of neat things about yourself — or maybe the opposite.

When a nation’s taxes do not generate enough revenues to pay for its budget, the federal government should make cuts in spending, not borrow money. It’s called “living within one’s means,” and it is as important for nations as for individuals. But our nation elects and re-elects Congressmen who refuse to cut into the entitlements of anyone in America (including illegal immigrants).

President Obama started his “change” in Washington by ignoring the tax frauds committed by seemingly every cabinet secretary he appointed then increased the budget by in excess of $500 billion when tax revenues this year, next year and for the foreseeable future likely will decline.

Congress deserves more blame; members don’t bother to understand or care that the true power of our government lies in their hands, not the president’s.

We are now borrowing record amounts of money from nations who are entitled to and will demand repayment, but we won’t be able to repay without further borrowing because our government spends more than it generates in taxes in order to perpetuate the cycle of entitlement.

A group of young people believing they are entitled to free lunch, education and health care directly contributed to the election of this president. Because of this generation’s President Hoover — President Bush — 52 percent of voters elected this generation’s President Roosevelt — President Obama. As a result, we stand, again, at the precipice of a depression unlike anything the nation has witnessed for a long time.

As they experienced the Vietnam War, either from the jungles or living rooms, they rightfully lost faith in government. The Boomers have so effectively destroyed our government; one almost wonders if they’ve done it as revenge for the conflict in Vietnam.

They created a government that utterly disregards the Constitution, with a complete inability to seek long-term solutions for problems and that completely disregards the constitutional structure of limited government.

Blame your parents for the past but now you are responsible for the present and our future. Will you continue to elect the corrupt and the stupid? Will you learn from your parents’ mistakes?

Frankly it’s doubtful, as it’s less work to gripe.

Seth Stern is a junior undeclared arts major. His tirade appears Fridays in the Collegian. Send comments, criticism, vilification or scorn to letters@collegian.com.

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