Apr 092009

It’s time for Taylor and Quinn to start packing their offices.

On Wednesday night, the Associated Students of CSU announced the results of the 2009 student government election. And, as you all should know by now, Dan Gearhart and his running mate Tim Hole came out on top with 1,824 votes.

As the president- and vice president-elect prepare to take over the reigns, we hope they are keeping one thing in mind — fulfilling their campaign promises.

Gearhart and Hole made a variety of campaign promises, including to work on improving CSU’s environmental sustainability, to limit unnecessary fee increases and to fill student seats on university committees — all of which are pretty lofty tasks.

In addition, the pair has pledged to continue ASCSU’s earlier work to get a voting representative on the CSU System Board of Governors.

This latter goal, we hope, will continue to be at the forefront of their agenda as the soon-to-be student leaders take office. Given the already dismal state of higher education funding in Colorado and the impending $300 million proposed cut for next year, a student vote where it counts is more important now than ever.

Equally important should be keeping the students engaged.

We hope that students continue to be involved in ASCSU, even now that the elections are over. There’s nothing more important getting student voices heard — something that we hope Gearhart and Hole will facilitate.

The Collegian congratulates Gearhart and Hole, and we wish you the best of luck. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

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