Letter to the editor

Apr 092009

I would like to applaud the article in the Collegian on Tuesday regarding the increase of tobacco tax and its effect on reducing tobacco consumption in Colorado.

Currently, I am a student intern at Larimer County Department of Health and Environment and learning a variety of evidence-based methods on how to improve the health and well being of those in our community. One of the lessons I have learned is that raising tobacco taxes is one of the most effective tobacco prevention and control strategies.

The 2000 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, “Reducing Tobacco Use,” found that increasing the price of tobacco products would decrease the prevalence of tobacco use, particularly among kids and young adults, and that tobacco tax increases would lead to “substantial long-term improvements in health.”

If CSU students are interested in quitting tobacco — whether the reason is it’s getting too expensive or it’s affecting their health, the Colorado QuitLine is available to help.

The Colorado QuitLine is a free, over-the-phone service for anyone calling from a Colorado area code. With QuitLine, tobacco users can receive free supplies of the nicotine patch as they work with trained coaches who create a personalized plan just for them.

To contact the QuitLine, call 1.800.QUIT.NOW or visit www.coquitline.org.

Stephanie Stamm

Senior, anthropology

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