Apr 072009
Authors: Matt Minich

Fort Collins City Council won’t have many new faces in the next four years, the results of Tuesday’s election determined. Taking three of the city’s four elections, incumbent candidates for mayor and Districts 1 and 5 are set to keep their seats.

Doug Hutchinson, the current mayor, held his position against challenger Tom Griggs, securing just over two-thirds of the almost 25,000 votes./ He will be serving his third and final two-year term./

“It’s a great feeling; it’s a humbling feeling,” Hutchinson told the Collegian from his campaign party in a south Fort Collins home after the city clerk’s office announced his win late Tuesday evening.

Hutchinson said the city would be facing challenges in the years to come and that he would work to govern during a recession economy by continuing to take what he said was an approach that balanced economic and environmental health./

Ben Manvel, the incumbent candidate for District 1, took just over half, or just over 2,300, votes to defeat challengers Ken Anderson and Vivian Armendariz./

“I’m happy to have people say that I was doing all right,” Manvel said.

Manvel said the next four years would be difficult for Fort Collins and that the city will have less money available to provide the basic services citizens have become accustomed to./

Manvel said he would remain open toward CSU students and encouraged the student population to be active in local politics./

“Students are one of the things that make this city work,” he said./

In the closest of the races, Aislinn Kottwitz bested Dale Lockwood by only 117 votes for the District 3 title.

Kottwitz is the only new council member in this year’s elections./ She will be taking the seat of Diggs Brown, who is not running for re-election because he is currently serving with the military./

Kottwitz said she would fulfill her campaign promises of prioritizing job attraction in Fort Collins and that she would view every new issue from an economic perspective./

While she said she has her own unique approach, Kottwitz said voters could expect her to uphold Brown’s tradition of what she called open and transparent city government./

Kelly Ohlson will remain the representative for District 5, beating out both Andrew Boucher and CSU student Theodore Gates for the position./

“It’s time to get back to work,” Ohlson said./ He said he planned to continue working for all citizens of Fort Collins, whether they had supported him in the election or not./

The re-election of all running incumbents is a sign that Fort Collins residents are happy with the way their city is being run, Ohlson said.

Click on each district below for election results and relevant information:

The candidates will meet officially for the first time next Tuesday at a special organizational meeting./

City council elections beat writer Matt Minich can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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