Apr 052009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

To the girl who stole my ipod from the Rec Center: I listen to terrible music. So HA, joke’s on you!

You know you’re an undergraduate college student when you don’t research before you make statements. E.g. you can hand deliver your ballot to the ballot box at City Hall. Looks like lack of knowledge and frugality are contributing factors…

Has anyone else been eyeing the bushes hoping that if they run through them fast enough they will find a Red Rupee? Or at least be transported to the Kokiri Forest.

The reason I like Colorado is the same reason I like the radio. You never know what you’re gonna get next!

To the party on Howes last weekend: I think you need to double check your maximum capacity of your house.

And the bathrooms on campus have toilet paper! Before college I always thought the roll replaced itself.

Since when did wearing hunter’s orange become trendy? Just stop. We can see you just fine without it on.

To the guy I heard say he wasn’t going to wear Jay Cutler’s jersey anymore, because he left the Broncos: Don’t you think its a little weird you wear another man’s shirt anyway? And especially since that other man plays around with balls?

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