Apr 052009
Authors: Ashley Robinson

The wide range of artwork lining the walls and ceilings of the Curfman Gallery on Saturday displayed the diverse artistic ideas of undergraduate students from multiple majors across campus during the reception of the Undergraduate Art Exhibition.

Only 45 of 150 art pieces made it through to the exhibition, where they were further scrutinized by guest judges Daniele Robson and Petra Sertic from the Museum of Contemporary Art-Denver.

“The exhibit is really impressive,” Robson said. “It shows the range of departments this school has.”

The art ranged from photos, to drawings, to actual paintings, to fabric cutouts and even some pottery and jewelry displays. Every piece helped to diversify the exhibit in different ways.

The jurors chose the three strongest artists at the exhibit based on the execution, subject matter and overall aesthetic quality of each individual art piece. The pieces that were chosen also showed particular conceptual strength.

“We chose them not much looking at names,” said Sertic. “But we found the pieces that we thought were the strongest individually were often by the same artist.”

The jurors chose artists Rolfe Bautista, Mariam Pakbaz and Sydney Clewe because their artwork embodied all of these ideas.

“Rolfe’s were the best of all the paintings because his execution was outstanding,” said Sertic.

Sophomore Art Education major Anna Maddocks participated in the Undergraduate Art Exhibit for the first time this year, and while she was not picked as a finalist by the jurors she was still excited to have her work on display.

“I never planned on doing art,” said Maddocks. “But I when I found out I could do it all the time as a career I was really excited, so that’s what I do.”

Maddocks had two of her projects on display in the gallery. She based both of her projects on topics she was given in her drawing class.

More than 150 students traversed through the gallery Saturday night, all of whom seemed equally impressed by the displays.

“I like to try and interpret art,” said Freshman Music major Cody Levitt. “I think art tries to make people feel different things.”

The undergraduate art will continue to be on display in the Curfman Gallery through the end of April.

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