Apr 052009
Authors: Ian Bezek

Today marks the first day students will have the opportunity to cast their vote for president and vice president of the Associated Students of CSU.

The Collegian set out to find campaign volunteers kind enough to give us the scoop on why you should vote for their candidates.

Q: Shaun Reed and Melisa Panagakos

Brooke Bell, sophomore

Biochemistry major

A: You should vote for Shaun and Melisa because they’re the only candidates that are trying to exceed the status quo. The other campaigns are working on maintaining ASCSU where it’s at. Shaun and Melisa want to maintain that level of achievement but also take it to a whole new level with new programming such as “Taste of Fort Collins” and working with the administration a lot closer to get fixed-rate tuition and things like that. They’re really trying to advance the organization and do new innovative things that have never been done before. I recognize that and appreciate that and think they are the best options for students.

Q: Dan Gearhart and Tim Hole

Tim Sellers, junior

Civil engineering major

A: I think they’re great candidates. Tim has tons of experience. They’re both natural leaders, great speakers and their platform issues are just solid, (and) haven’t been able to really be taken apart in the debates. I think they’re just great. I’ve known Tim for a long time, and he’s a genuine guy. He’s the kind of guy that is always (a designated driver); he’s always giving people rides. You can call him any time and tell him, “Hey man, I’ve got something going on.” He’s a really reliable gentleman.

Q: Conrad Miller and Jake Donovan

Ben Weiner, sophomore

Computer science/business double major

A: Unlike some of the other candidates, Conrad and Jake are actually going to bring real results to CSU.

All the campaigns have long-term goals.

It’s easy to talk about long-term goals. The immediate ones are the ones that are hard to promise and come through with.

Conrad and Jake are already working on most of their major platform topics, and they’ve balanced both long-term and immediate goals.

They’re the most fiscally responsible candidates and, honestly, with these economic troubles, two economics majors are going to be the best option.

Q: Andy Moores and Paul Wade

Bejan Saeedi, junior

Biochemistry major

A: (Andy and Paul) represent the kind of change (needed) in order for ASCSU to be a thriving force in the years to come. Right now, there is no student involvement and students don’t think that anything they do — anything ASCSU does — will actually help students in the long run. I think Andy and Paul have the ideas and the talent and the capacity to bring those changes about.

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