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Authors: kelly bleck

Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) has lived his life being socially inept —- with men. He has always been a “girlfriend man” and now that his wedding is approaching and the best man slot is sitting empty, Peter begins to wonder what is wrong.

In an awkwardly hilarious and engaging script, Rudd and Jason Segel embellish and expose the social nature of a man with no male friends.

Setting the scene with Peter’s concerned girlfriend-turned-fiancé, the movie explores the relationships men have versus women and what it takes to be true friend. His fiancé, Zooey (Rashida Jones), focuses on the wedding and the consequences of Peter not having a best man or any male friends at all.

In response to his fiancé’s growing concern, Peter embarks on extremely awkward man-dates in the hope of finding some sort of best man in time for the wedding. Resulting in unexpected kisses, unfortunate accidents and forced friendships, Peter ceases the man-dates.

Peter’s search, however, does not end as he stumbles upon a potential man-friend, immediately conveying the excitement usually felt by a woman finding a potential boyfriend.

Rudd communicates complete desperation during the dialogue, emphasizing his sad and lonely outlook on best friends, a role in which Rudd accurately portrays a man obsessed with women.

The new friend, Sydney Fife (Segel), represents a confident, funny man who encompasses Peter’s attention, checking off any previous expectations about what Peter expects in a best man.

As Peter and Sydney quickly get to know each other and become the “best friends” Peter hoped for, drama ensues. Sydney gets in the way of Peter and Zooey’s relationship, as the husband-to-be has never previously balanced friends and girlfriends.

But the drama is to be expected as the characters go into extensive scenes of walking the dog, “jamming” at Sydney’s house and leaving Zooey alone on dates usually reserved for the couple.

The actors’ ability to turn every awkward moment into something hilarious makes the movie a complete success, each adding a personality that makes the movie even more pleasing and funny.

Audiences will find a creative story line aimed at the notion of friendship and all the awkward moments sometimes encountered in life, all the while encompassing a superb cast and a script written for laughs.

Staff writer Kelly Bleck can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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