Mar 302009

Hey, where can I get an “I know sex” shirt? Because I definitely do.

To the guy who tried to bum a dip at the library: If you say that all you need is a dip and then when you try to pack the can and spill the whole thing on the floor, you should really find a new addiction.

Since hugs are 25 cents now, kisses are a $1.

Picking up a newspaper in class to look at RamTalk just to find its been torn out is like getting blue balled. That happened enough to me from my ex-girlfriend. Leave RamTalk alone!

I should study to be a banker when I graduate. When things are going well you get millions, and when you mess up you get billions …

You know you eat in the dining hall a lot when you go out to eat and you look for the bowl of mints on the way out.

Bringing hot coffee and North Face coats to a homeless awareness event is like bringing snacks to a hunger strike. Good job on raising awareness, I’m sure the homeless get foot-warmers and Starbucks too.

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