Promote real change, CSU

Mar 302009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We’re all familiar with large-scale efforts to promote change and social action to right ongoing conflicts and human rights issues in Africa. And what better time to examine these efforts than Africa Week.

Atrocities such as the genocide in Darfur, diamond trade exploitation by human rights abusers and the recent finding that 70 percent of the world’s chocolate is made by exploited child laborers in various African countries have become prominent, deservingly-publicized issues of the divergence in the nation.

And while we’re all aware of the issues and, sometimes, of the ways that we can help in terms of money donated to projects like Save Darfur, how much aid are we really lending?

While organizations such as Save Darfur do a good job of promoting awareness of an issue, real change comes from those who will do more than donate a few dollars or don a T-shirt to support a cause. Real change shows itself in masses who will hold rallies at our state and national capitols in support of an effort and in those individuals who will send letters and push leaders to get behind an endeavor.

We elect our government officials for a reason — we give them the power of policy change and the ability to act as our representation with the faith that they’ll do something about the issues that are important to us.

It’s our job to empower our leaders to do the jobs we asked them to by letting them know what causes we support. Let them hear your voices, CSU.

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