Mar 292009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

I love taking shots every time “CSU campus closed” rolls across the TV … then realizing that it’s not really cancelled. 8 a.m. stats … I was late.

Not smoking on a Friday at 4:20 is like Jesus spending 40 days and 40 nights without food and water.

It figures the time my RamTalk does get published, it’s the first time in six years CSU cancels classes and no one sees it. What’s more important here? The ground getting moisture for summer or my 15 minutes of fame!?

To the guy that handed me his pitch money at the party, I have no idea whose house that was, but thanks for the 20 bucks.

With such horrors as “financial independence” in my fortune cookie and “misleading friendships” in my horoscope, you’d think the universe could throw me a bone and put some lovin’ in my pants!

To the guy in my psych class who got my name and number in order to return my textbook but never did: Does that work on all the girls?

Due to economic hardship, free hugs are now 25 cents. If you have a concern please talk to management.

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