Letter to the editor

Mar 292009
Authors: Joanna Harter

I would like to respond to Lauren Salz’s Friday editorial, “Think twice before you decide to take Plan B, end a pregnancy.” While I do commend her effort to inform people about the realities of what Plan B does, she makes some insensitive and illogical assumptions about abortion and Plan B.

First, she claims that since Plan B might prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus, this is equivalent to “destroying an embryo.”

Making the uterus environment less-than-optimal is not the same as intentionally destroying an embryo. If it was, why aren’t pro-life people making sure that every possible fertilized egg has the perfect uterus environment?

Second, she incorrectly claims “the consequences of taking Plan B are possibly as dire as the consequences of having an abortion.”

Yes, Plan B may technically cause an abortion — the termination of a pregnancy — but this does not mean the consequences are just as “dire.” Plan B and other abortion methods have differing physical and psychological implications for the woman, which should not be imprudently lumped together. Furthermore, what Plan B may do to a fertilized egg is drastically different than what other abortion methods do to a 2-month-old fetus.

Abortion, contraception and women’s choice issues are complex and should be addressed as such.

Joanna Harter

Senior, natural resources recreation

and tourism

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