Mar 262009
Authors: Ryan Sheine

A CSU Police Department employee said that several accidents were reported to the department Thursday during the blizzard, and while only one vehicle accident was confirmed Friday afternoon, the CSUPD Records Department will receive more reports as the officer’s complete them.

CSUPD Records Manager Joan Williams said that the CSU Police Department did confirm that “a lot” of accidents occurred but that the total tally was unknown Friday afternoon. Williams said that it could take a week before all accident reports would be completed and filed.

One accident report filed through the CSU Police Department was confirmed.

A vehicle collision involving two cars occurred at the intersection of Prospect Road and Centre Avenue at 9:55 p.m. Thursday Williams said. The severe snow and ice covering the roads caused one car to stop soon enough before hitting the other at the intersection. No injuries were reported.

The Collegian could not reach the Fort Collins Police Department or the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department Friday for accident statistics.

Williams, however, said the Fort Collins Police Department was on ‘accident alert’ status Thursday night.

‘Accident alert’ status is issued when a high number of accidents are expected. Under this status, the police will only respond to accidents where no other mode of transportation is available to the involved parties, accidents involving injuries or those involving a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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