Mar 242009
Authors: Compiled Nina Bietz

Do they allow Easybake Ovens in the library? My late night snacks could use some creativity.

Uh, what the heck happened to Repeat/Delete?!

Hacking is NOT analogous to sex. Hacking is like sitting on a park bench with the warm sunlight caressing your face and throwing water-balloons full of STD’s at stupid people as they walk by naked.

Really, ASCSU canidates? ALL of those unachievable promises without significantly raising student fees? Haha, good one.

Boulder: Where everyone wears their opinion on their bumper.

To the girl who dropped her coffee cup on the lawn by the Towers 100 feet away from a trash can … Stay classy.

To make graduation even more special, anyone who graduates Cum Laude should get to sit on their own golden throne. It would match their robes.

Job opening: Hitman (or woman) needed to get rid of woodpecker family. Qualifications: Someone smarter than bird thinking it can peck trough metal. Payment: 10 bucks per bird shot down.

I felt rather woebegone when I opened the morning paper and found no sexist comic. Without Mr. Woods who will I have a love/hate relationship with?

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