Mar 242009
Authors: Shelley Woll

Vying for top seats in student government’s election April 6 and 7, Senators Conrad Miller and Jake Donovan, the respective presidential and vice presidential hopefuls, say they will make student government more efficient so it’s easier to get students involved.

The two said the student body would benefit with the shortening of the Associated Students of CSU’s weekly Senate meetings, which currently last about four hours.

“Strict limits on the meetings would get more done,” Miller said, adding that he doesn’t feel like the issues currently being discussed are ones prominent enough to warrant debate. “Our plan is to provide more accountability and different priorities for legislation.”

Additionally, Miller and Donovan said they aim to provide more Senate outreach to the students.

The two say they want senators to poll students regarding how they feel about proposed ASCSU bills and gather signatures from the students they speak with.

They also said they hope to rally the involvement of college councils and student organizations.

“What we really want to do is get people involved,” Donovan said. “We want to amplify the student voice through marketing. We want to get those people who don’t know what ASCSU is about . and their friends involved.”

The two said this idea is what they have built their campaign on.

“We looked to people we knew,” Donovan said. “We went to our friends and got all kinds of different types of people involved, including people who have never voted or gotten involved before.”

Their platform also includes “Plaza Talks,” where they said they would interact with students so that students would be able to have direct input as well as put a face to their leaders, Donovan said.

Miller said they decided to run about a month ago because they were always “complaining about stuff in the government and decided to bring a different perspective to the student government.”

Both Miller and Donovan have served as senators since last semester.

Donovan said the decision to run together stemmed from the goal of combining Donovan’s skills in “bringing people together” and Miller’s knowledge of the university.

“We can unite people and create a fun working environment while getting a lot done,” Donovan said.

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