Mar 232009

College without drinking is like CSU without New Belgium … DOESN’T WORK.

To the girls sitting next to me in the library who found it comical to make fun of the kid you were “befriending” up until he left: Your condescending ignorance is eroding our society.

To the guy with the obnoxious laugh at the Academic Village: Maybe you should sit by yourself from now on so no one makes you laugh.

Pro: dollar beers at Road on Thursdays. Con: showing up to your Spanish midterm tanked the next day.

To my fellow Misfits fan: Will the Forbidden Zone involve your Last Caress?

Hooray for the new blue single-stream recycling bins! Let’s hope we see a little less litter on campus.

Hacking is like sex: You get in, you get out and hope that you didn’t leave something behind that can be traced back to you.

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