Keep the fire alive CSU

Mar 232009

Get ready Colorado — CSU is refreshing its political troops.

Remember when it was so hip to tout that slick Obama sticker and applaud the hope and change he promised?

Well, our student government, city council and local legislative elections may not be as glamorous or history-making, and our candidates may not be as eloquent or experienced, but these elections are of equal, if not greater importance. For it is these local elections that put people into power that have the ability, every day, to affect our lives — for better or worse.

The Associated Students of CSU campaign season has just begun. There are four pairs contending for the president/vice president slots and 33 candidates for Senate seats.

In a few short weeks, it will be decided which of these students will represent each and every one of us face to face with Interim President Tony Frank, the Board of Governors, Governor Bill Ritter himself and state legislators. Those are people we want to hear our voice, take us seriously and ultimately work for us. With connections to those who can impact higher education on a primary level, every CSU student should be vying hard to get their choice of ASCSU candidates into office.

Some would ask you put forth effort and be involved in this election process to prevent mishaps by student government or mishandling of student funds — like a certain concert a lot of us weren’t too fond of last year.

We’re asking less. Just vote.

ASCSU is important. Make sure its leaders represent your interests.

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