Mar 222009
Authors: Nina Beitz

You know you’re an alcoholic when you are putting Emergen-C in your beer …

To all the people in the plaza asking for a donation: Trying to get money from a college student is like trying to milk a cat. Not gonna happen.

So it’s interesting to see all the new buildings around campus being built, but did they forget about the library courtyard?

To the biker I almost ran over the other day because you decided to run right through your red light: you all want to be treated like a car so start acting like one.

There should be a whore tax to solve our national debt.

Does anyone else feel an extreme sense of paranoia that everyone on campus is watching your every move thanks to RamTalk?

To the Misfits fan in my capstone class: If you came to class more, I’d take you to the Forbidden Zone.

To the Greenpeace guy who told me the environment is more important than class: Just because you flunked out of college doesn’t mean I have to; I’m going to class.

To the people who put up multiple examples of recyclable items on the bulletin boards to promote RecycleMania: Isn’t that a little counterproductive?

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