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Authors: Ian Bezek

Before spring break, the Student Fee Review Board approved a student fee increase of $15 per semester requested by the Athletics Department at CSU.

The Collegian set out to find out what CSU students had to say about the increase. Amy Rausch, a junior double majoring in art and art education, and Mike Temple, a freshman undeclared major, were kind enough to offer their insights.

Amy rausch, junior art and art education double major

Q: What do you think about the recently approved $15 per semester fee hike for athletics?

A: At first, when I read about it in the Collegian, I was a little upset by it because it seems like our tuition gets raised constantly, but when I found out it was only $15, I didn’t feel as upset. I think the best thing about the (fees) being raised $15 is that it’s like the minimum that they can charge us, and I do think that if our Athletics Department does get more recognition, it will be likely that our school will get more people applying to it.

Q: So you think this fee could lead to more students and potentially more revenue?

A: Yeah. However, with the Athletics Department we have two new coaches, for basketball and football, and I think the money can help them out, but at the same time we haven’t been scoring well enough that we’ve been getting that positive recognition too.

Q: Did athletics play a role in your decision to come to CSU?

A: No. Not at all.

Q: Do you attend many sports games?

A: I used to. Well, I go to a basketball game here and there. The basketball coach, Tim Miles, he is my dad’s sister-in-law’s brother and I used to baby sit his kids. I know he’s had a rough year or two, but they are making progress.

Q: You said initially that you were upset at first by the fee increase. Do you think it would be better if there was no increase at all?

A: Well, it’s kind of hard to say. I wish that there was a way we could make it for athletics and academics because I think that with the athletic recognition, more people will hear the name CSU and more people will apply. However, it seems like a lot of budget cuts have been on teachers and academics. If you’re going to put $15 toward athletics, you might as well put an additional $15 toward academics.

Q: Do you feel there are any areas where academic programs really

could use a boost in funding?

A: … I’m in the Art (School) and I know that some of the teachers wish that they had smaller class sizes so they could give more particular need to each student. To have additional classes, you either have to have more teachers or be able to support having more classes available. …

Mike Temple, freshman undeclared

Q: How do you feel about the recently approved $15 per semester fee increase for the Athletics Department?

A: $15 per semester? That wouldn’t bother me at all; I think that is a good idea.

Q: Did athletics play a role in your decision to come to CSU?

A: No, I don’t play any sports at CSU, just because I don’t have time.

Q: Do you enjoy going to any of the games?

A: Yeah, I enjoy going to them. I like the football games and the volleyball (games).

Q: The teams have performed pretty badly recently, do you think that reflects poorly on the school as a whole?

A: No. I think it possibly reflects badly on the coaches, but not on the school.

Q: One of the arguments against the fee is that it would be used in part to pay the salaries of coaches we’ve fired. How would you respond?

A: Well, I think that’s crap, but you know, $15 over the course of the semester is — like what –10 cents a day? … It’s not that big of a deal.

Q: Is there anything else on campus you think there should be a fee for, like bringing more concerts to campus?

A: Not off the top of my head. I’m a pretty laid-back guy.

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