Letter to the editor

Mar 112009

During the spring semester of 2008, I took a class called “Criminal Investigations” with Chief of CSU Police Dexter Yarbrough. I know there are issues beyond what happened in our classroom; however, I can speak only to my experience.

Within two weeks, Chief knew every single student by name. He had a clear-stated open door policy. If I had ever taken offense to something the Chief had said, I would have had no problem marching into his office and opening up a dialogue.

The Chief might have had a funny way about things, but I truly believe that he genuinely cared about his role as a professor and about us individually as students. I never found the Chief to be intimidating or out-of-touch. It was very much the opposite.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being politically correct, but we live in a world that is incredibly unforgiving. Policing is a career path that caters to this unfortunate aspect of society, and he conveyed this to us in a way that was honest. Maybe he was insensitive to certain biases in the classroom. But maybe that was just what we needed.

Personally, I loved that class. I loved the Chief’s humor. I loved the brutal honesty. And I loved the overall structure of a classroom that allowed me to experience things from a new perspective.

But I also have a generous sense of humor. I guess that can’t be taught in a classroom.

Nicole Qualtieri

Colorado State Alumni

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