Mar 102009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

I hate the week before break. All of a sudden there is nowhere for me to sit in class now that everyone is showing up.

To the nervous guest speaker who kept looking at me during her presentation, were you picturing me naked? If so, no wonder you kept stuttering so much.

Can someone please tell me why we pay for the “education” of athletes? They don’t go to class, they don’t win many games, and they don’t graduate. So let’s DON’T pay for their education.

Ladies: In order to be polite, how long should I wait to end our conversation after you’ve revealed you have a boyfriend?

To the girl who tripped and smashed her nose on the ground, maybe now you can get that surgury you need.

There’s two days before spring break and of course it has to be the worst walking to class weather ever … touché mother nature.

To the person who said that guys with big trucks and big guns are compensating, just so you know my boyfriend has a big truck and big guns but he is for sure not compensating for anything.

Advertising for green university: Thousands. Lame indoor training facility for lame teams: Millions. Admitting you have no money to really be a green university: PRICELESS!

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