Mar 092009

Dear Collegian, is it really so hard to include the correct answers to Friday’s crossword in Monday’s paper? You’re driving me up a wall.

School Spirit: Spending the extra $3 for the glass handle so we can win Recyclemania.

To the PT Cruiser on Saturday night: Thank you very very much for convincing us that we were in the cashcab with flashing lights and stoplight challenges. It was the best RamRide ever!

To the girl in the Hollister shirt that put her number in my phone at the office party: I would call you and ask you out but your number is four digits longer than it should be.

Thank you, Watchmen, for finally giving the Blue people of America a voice. It’s been a long time coming. Signed, Papa Smurf.

To the girls in the Corbett courtyard yesterday: If I am fully clothed in sweats laying on a blanket, I am not tanning. Its called sleeping. What’s your major? Let me guess … communications?

Repeat/Delete should do a joke that is sexually repressed and misogynist. That would be hilarious.

If saying “daylight savings time” the same way it is written in every calendar makes you sound like an idiot, I guess I’m an idiot.

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