Mar 092009

I’m writing you in regard to the comic series you have in the Collegian, Repeat/Delete.

Almost every day I pick up a Collegian while I’m going to class and almost every time I find myself horribly offended at the jokes portrayed in the comic. Though the author may see it as just that, a joke, it tells stories that involve sexism, rape and an overall disregard for women.

I believe that the right to free speech is something that should always be protected to let opinions flow just as I am letting mine flow right now, but I also believe that topics such as rape are things that shouldn’t be poked fun at or normalized. I strongly ask you, as a regular reader of the Collegian, to stop allowing the normalization of sexism and rape towards women in your daily newspaper.

Patrick LaCount

Sophomore, psychology

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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