Our View: Just do it

Mar 082009

With just a week left until Spring Break — and counting/– many can almost taste the sweet freedom.

The warm, ocean breeze flowing through your hair, the smell of the sea permeating your nostrils, the touch of smooth, white sand between your toes —- oh yea, and hundreds of thousands of drunk, horny, hormonal college students pursuing a week-long hook-up.

But heed the warnings this week fellow Rammies, as the Association for Student Activities Program and Hartshorn Health Services brings to campus “Sex Week.”

Before you jump ahead of yourselves, pull your mind out of the gutter because the week functions as a resource for students to learn about sexuality.

Several events have been planned to help students fully understand the enjoyment, responsibility and safety of sex, including professional advice, speakers, panels and free handouts.

The events run throughout the week, and topics range from sex on campus to sexual assault help to HPV awareness.

So whether you’re sipping “lemonade” somewhere on a warm beach or in some hot tub after meeting your newest friends on the slopes, remember what you’ll learn this week.

Be classy, be safe and have fun.

The knowledge and advice is out there; the next step is to just do it.

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