Mar 042009
Authors: Ian Mahan

Few bands that are just breaking into the music world seem to accomplish the task of distinguishing a new sound in a carbon copy, indie-pop rock genre that is so cluttered with the same chord progressions and angst-filled choruses that make the scene stale. However, in Florida, There For Tomorrow is proving “carbon copy” is a relative term.

The Orlando-based quartet has the eerily heartbreaking guitar riffs that people have come to expect from younger bands, with a lead singer that sounds as pure as a church choir. And on their self-titled debut album, There For Tomorrow establish themselves as a sound to be reckoned with.

Right from the get-go the album is captivating and suspenseful. “Deadlines” the opening track is loaded with gang vocals and illustrates just how far a palm-muted guitar verse can actually go in a song.

“Remember When (Used to Be Used to It)” begins with a verse that sends chills down the spine and caps off the hook with the line, “. so to speak you had me shaking at the knees,” before lead singer Maika Maile hopelessly asks, “. remember when we never had to remember when times were better than this?”

Following a strong start on the album the midway point takes you to an entirely new energy level with the bands well produced, anti-college anthem, “No More Room to Breathe” in which Maile beckons the consideration of well educated listeners everywhere with, “. if your education brings you home why are you still away?”

Though featured on the album as a full band track, the acoustic version of “Pages” offers a more comforting version of the band that listeners could very well be ready for by the end of the adrenaline infused record.

While James Wisner (Underoath, Paramore) deserves plenty of credit for the production of an incredible debut, the songs of There For Tomorrow make it hard to believe that anything but an incredible gift and an ear for a self-defining sound make the album the gem that it is in a muddled, over-populated teenage music scene.

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