Mar 032009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

Unless you make enough money for it to be economically viable for your “woman” to stay in the kitchen, keep the sexist jokes to yourself.

Hey Collegian, thanks for all the Mexico spring break fashion tips, I’m sure I’ll only be concerned with what I’m wearing as I enter a country that the U.S. government has released travel warnings about.

To the girl that had her dress tucked into her backpack, maybe you should get some $78 dollar underwear.

The disputes I start in RamTalk are like wars in the Middle East … never-ending.

To the person wondering why we’re building an indoor practice facility: the last time I checked, basketball doesn’t play on turf.

One party pack per household per year?!! This isn’t Utah.

I am glad that girls decided to have sundress day, but they should probably check the forecast for wind before deciding to wear underwear or

not …

To the girl complaining about not having an orgasm: maybe if you girls put out more, we’d have more practice.

Republican: Because not everyone can be on welfare.

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