Mar 032009
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Six CSU Police Department vehicles stormed the Lory Student Center Plaza Wednesday and handcuffed a 21-year-old Fort Collins man who refused to dismount his bicycle.

Kasuy Cook, who said he had been sitting on his bike with a friend, sat handcuffed talking to officers as a crowd gathered around him.

CSU spokesperson Dell Rae Mollenberg said the heavy response was because there were many officers in the area after the officer who made the stop requested backup.

“It just so happened tat there were a lot of other officers in the vicinity, and all of them responded,” she said.

“I was sitting on my bike. How did I look aggressive?” the man asked the officer he was talking to.

A few minutes later, officers removed the handcuffs and wrote Cook a ticket for refusal to dismount his bike.

“I was sitting on a bike, I wasn’t being aggressive,” Cook said after he was let go. “Homeboy came up and handcuffed the sh*t out of me.”

Onlookers said as the vehicles entered the Plaza, they were going unsafely fast.

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