Mar 012009

It seems that Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has a beef with his boss — and rightly so.

Over the weekend, news surfaced that the young, up-and-coming star for the Orange and Blue just barely missed being shipped off to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a three-way trade that would bring New England Patriots Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Cassel to Denver.

And Cutler, also a Pro Bowler, along with Broncos fans, is pissed.

Cutler, who could well be the base for the team’s future, told the Denver Post Sunday that he feels “betrayed” and his days in Denver are “numbered.”

But maybe more than Cutler, Broncos fans should feel betrayed by the team. For the past three years, Cutler has been the star of the future — someone who a team can rally around, who can lead the Broncos through this ongoing rebuilding process.

And especially in a time in which relations between new head coach Josh McDaniels and Broncos need an intermediary, the connection has been severed.

How much of a bonehead move could the Broncos’ Front Office have made? Not only did they try to trade for the flash-in-the-pan Matt Cassel, who has perpetually been a backup, but also they’ve alienated one of the few leaders the team has left.

We suggest that McDaniels and whoever decided to hang Cutler out to dry lose the idea of trading the youngster, fall on their knees to beg him stay and hope he doesn’t leave and become a huge star someplace else.

Stupid Donkeys.

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