Feb 252009

While we debated over the necessary characteristics of the “perfect body,” and “tall” then “skinny” floated across the conference table, we came to the conclusion that America’s body image stereotypes stem from deeply rooted societal expectations, then creeping into the minds of individuals.

Following accusations that women are wholly concerned about a man’s outward appearance and the retort that men are the same way –/talking only to the cute girl at the bar — we decided that people should ignore classic body stereotypes whenever possible.

However, we found this to be cliche and well, difficult on all accounts.

We recognized that societal pressures, which influence physical stereotypes, extend further influence into the realm of personal lifetime achievement; ranging from yearly income to a person’s batting average on the company softball league.

CSU students, we encourage you to start doing things for you and to not pad your resume only with ‘Best-of’ accomplishments and bragging rights.

This week, the University Counseling Center hosts “Celebrate Every Body” in the hopes of arming people with the tools to break body stereotypes.

So reach into your toolbox and pull out whatever inner strength you have to go to the gym and work out with the intent to get healthy and not to just the intent to get skinny.

Look in the mirror and appreciate all that you have and direct your focus to that which makes you happy. Look at everything: Your fingers and toes, your skills and talents, the people who make you comfortable and the things that make you, well, you.

CSU, celebrate everybody and their bodies.

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