Feb 242009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

To the people freaking out about Repeat/Delete, it’s the best one so you need to stop being offended. It’s a comic!

When your ex-girlfriend cuts you out of all her pictures, is that a firm decision that I’m officially out of the picture?

New Belgium Brewery is like Willy Wonka for CSU students.

I recently acquired a $78 Victoria’s Secret bra from a one night stand. You can have it back it doesn’t fit.

To the guy who said women age like milk: Would you like some Viagra with your beer belly? Because 40 year-old Jennifer Aniston is “just not that into you”.

You know, the best thing about being covered in tattoos and piercings is you never get bothered to save the children, join Green Peace, buy girl scout cookies, or asked if you’ve heard the word of God.

Conservatives: with the stock market continuing to fall are you still looking for the GOP issued parachute? Bush took it with him.

You know you’re turning into a geek when you can’t finish the 1-star Sodoku in stats class because you are actually paying attention.

To the tower kids riding the bus: maybe you should take advantage of the other things we all pay for. Such as the rec center.

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