Feb 232009

Instead of wasting our tuition on all this pointless crap, how about just lowering it?

To the smart guy that locked his bike to mine: Did you honestly think I didn’t want to use my bike when I have to get across campus in 10 minutes? No, I didn’t think so.

Ever notice those guys preaching about God and all of us going to hell on the plaza are only there when it’s warm outside? Guess their evangelism only goes as far as their comfort level.

To the officer who busted our dorm party: Sorry for not opening the door for 20 minutes, we just had to ensure the safety of the 30-racks you didn’t find.

To the couple in the library who were getting it on in the presentation room: Either let me join in or get out because I was scheduled for 9.

Liberals: With the stock market continuing to fall, are you still praying nightly to Obama?

To the person complaining about towers kids riding the bus: Shut it. We’re paying for the service just as much as you are.

To the girl who LOST her $78 bra during a one night stand: two bits of advice. 1. Make sure you leave with all the stuff you came with 2. Buy cheaper bras!

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