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Feb 152009
Authors: Erica Holtzman

Picture this. It is Friday night, around 9 p.m.; you and your friends are off to a party. At the party you are meeting new people and having a great time.

Now it is about 12:30 a.m. and you are ready to leave but your friends are not. Unfortunately, you did not drive yourself to the party.

How will you get home?

This is the perfect time to remember RamRide. RamRide is a safe, non-judgmental ride home for CSU students on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

RamRide will pick up students and take them home from anywhere inside the Fort Collins city limits.

RamRide is a completely student-run organization brought you by the Associated Students of CSU — funded through student fees and donations.

RamRide runs six vehicles on Thursday nights and 15 vehicles on Friday and Saturday nights. All vehicles are provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

RamRide is one of the fastest growing safe-ride programs in the country. It is based off the CARPOOL program at Texas A&M and RamRide gave their first ride on October 24, 2003. After five years, RamRide has provided over 82,000 safe rides home to CSU students.

In order for RamRide to be able to operate and help the CSU community, it must utilize 2,262 student volunteers each year.

The students who are volunteering can either serve as a driver, navigator or dispatcher.

The dispatchers are the people who take incoming calls from students who need rides. The information that is needed for a dispatcher to place a ride is the patron’s name, cell phone number, how many people need a ride, where they are and where they are going.

Once the dispatcher has this information they can relay it to one of the navigators.

The navigator is in charge of directing the driver where to go by using the GPS system provided as well as ensuring that each patron who gets in their car signs a waiver.

The driver is solely responsible for driving the vehicle. There are always two volunteers in every car as to keep the experience enjoyable and safe.

Along with student volunteers, RamRide has its own staff that helps to make the program a success.

The RamRide staff is made up of a director, three associate directors and several assistant directors. Their job is to ensure there are enough volunteers to run each night, food donations to provide dinner to the volunteers and to work one night a weekend.

RamRide provides its staff with leadership development, organization and communication skills and eight hours of community service for each night worked. RamRide is an extremely fun way to get involved on campus.

If you are a student who is interested in helping run RamRide, there are always assistant director positions available. Please stop by the ASCSU office in the Lory Student Center to pick up an application.

For more information on RamRide, check out its Web site at or e-mail the RamRide staff at

Erica Holtzman is a senior biology major and the director of RamRide. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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