Yays and Nays

Feb 152009

Yay | to Barack Obama coming to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to sign the stimulus bill into law. Dinosaurs and presidents are totally boss.

Nay | to the plane crash late Thursday night in Buffalo, N.Y. We send our sincerest regards to the victims and their families.

Yay | to Valentine’s Day being over. Now we can focus our efforts on making everything green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Nay | to Nelligan for being shady in their dealings as CSU’s marketing firm. Being unaccountable with taxpayer money —- who hired these guys?

Yay | to less than a month until Spring Break. But beware: what happens in Mexico comes back and spreads — and itches.

Nay | to the low turnout for the Make Out Stake Out demonstration in Boulder on Friday. You’d think the thought of making out would draw hoards of horny college students.

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