Feb 152009
Authors: Ashley Lauwereins

“The Distance From Here,” a play performed last semester on the CSU stage, has been nominated to go to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival from today through Feb. 20.

The KCACTF is being held for this division in Moscow, Idaho, this year, where the students set out on Saturday and will perform Thursday evening.

Matt Block, a CSU alumnus is picking up his role to perform one final time on the CSU stage.

“Think it’s an honor to be nominated, especially if you poured your heart and soul into a role,” Block said.

“I think we have a good chance of winning given that of the four shows going we will be the only contemporary play.”

“The Distance From Here” is an intense look at the dark side of American suburbia — a suburban wasteland of white trash in the Northwest that follows the mundane, incestuous, murderous life of an emotionally impoverished family, according to a press release.

“(The play is a) pretty gritty and edgy play, and I thought when we were judged came it was a long shot that we would be nominated given the subject,” said Walt Jones, the director of the play.

“At some point you come across people that are the same as the characters in the play,” Jones said.

CSU will be representing one of four plays from region seven.

The other plays to be performed are “Tartuffe,” by the University of Idaho; “A Dream Play,” Boise State University; and “Crave,” by Linfield College.

CSU students have been working hard the past week to get ready to perform since many hadn’t revisited the play since it closed last semester. Jones said he was impressed at how much the students remembered from performing last semester.

“I was surprised how easily many of them switched back into the roles. These are very dark characters who live very terrible lives,” Jones said.

Students are only running lines for the moment, and will rehearse on stage Thursday before their performance.

The grand prize is winning a trip to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Along with “The Distance From Here,” eight CSU students are traveling to compete for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship.

This audition features actors in two two-person scenes and a monologue or song for candidates who advance to the final round.

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