Feb 122009

I seem to have misplaced my J spot, would someone be kind enough to help me locate it?


The Collegian should put half-naked women on the front page more often.

Thank God for Craigslist. Now I have a boyfriend, an apartment for next year and a car.

It’s nice when Valentine’s Day comes around and your date is run by batteries, doesn’t talk back and gets you off every time. No hassle with all the benefits!


Correction on the dimple issue, they are extremely sexy on the lower back.

I think the Collegian needs to work on their pie graph skills a little more before ever doing them again.

Sports news sucks lately. All anyone is doing is whining about drugs. Truthfully Phelps is a BAMF for being able to dominate everyone AND smoke mary jane. Also, every baseball player should just be required to take roids.

Guys, make sure this Valentine’s Day is really special so that when March 14th rolls around you get an equally special Steak and BJ Day.

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