Geek dating guide [VIDEO]

Feb 112009
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

Geeks are almost universally known to be socially awkward creatures who love gadgets, books and the opposite sex. Luckily for the survival chances of the geek species, the opposite sex will also occasionally take an interest in the geek. At this point, things can get tricky — geeks do not often live and act according to the rules of “normal” society, and therefore hopeful romantic endeavors with them may end up with chemistry http 404 Not Found./

In order to prevent any unfortunate misunderstandings between geeks and their significant others this Valentine’s Day, here is our “Guide to Dating a Geek.”/

1. Try and tolerate his/her gadget addiction. Imagine you are on a dinner date, and the geek whips out his/her iPhone in mid-sentence, performs some finger movements, and exclaims, “Sirius XM is filing for bankruptcy!” At this point you have several options. You could a) Become indignant at the rude interruption, b) Forget what was being talked about and feign interest, c) Stare blankly, or d) Grab the iPhone and comment on how sexy it is. /B and D would both be acceptable responses to the geek.

2. Don’t expect much fashion sense. A lot of geeks will transition from being dressed by their mom early in life to awkwardly attempting to wear what they perceive as cool (Hawaiian shirts) and finally by college just giving up and wearing whatever is within reach. If you choose to date a geek, think of this lack of fashion sense as a golden opportunity to change his/her life for the better. You could buy them better clothes, or even go shopping with them./

3. Don’t make him/her choose between habits and you. Geeks will love you just for the fact that you’re showing interest, but they also have gotten used to many, many years of Friday nights spent in front their computers surfing Wikipedia, constantly checking the news online, actually making homework a priority, and playing more than their fair share of Guitar Hero. If you force them to choose between their life and you, they may very well not choose you — not because they don’t love you, but because that is who they are. They will make time for you, don’t worry./

4. Try to find common ground with your significant geek. Finding things that you can both enjoy isn’t as hard as you might think. While getting your geek outside might be a little complicated (see our column on Geocaching),/a movie can make for a great date,/(we’d suggest such titles as War Games or Pirates of Silicon Valley). You might even be able to/coerce/them/into a chick flick — they’re really just happy to have someone by/their/side to watch the movie with.//

5. The last tip in this little guide is a good one. Should the night progress well for you and your significant geek, your thoughts may be turning toward second base and beyond. We would just like to point out that despite the seeming incongruity, your geek may not be that bad in bed. To sum this one up with a quote from the classic “Revenge of the Nerds”: “Are all nerds as good as you?” “Yeah.” “How come?” “Because all jocks ever think about is sports. All nerds ever think about is sex.”/

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