Ram Talk

Feb 092009

To the survey guys: I have politely put up with you for years but you are crossing the line when you start breaking the unspoken “I have headphones in so don’t bother me” rule.

Ladies, forget business, forget construction, date a journalist. We’re so good you’ll want to read about it after!

When are you people going to start skipping your early classes so I can park in the closer Z lot?

To the guy who wanted to talk to me at the urinal … uh … kinda busy dude.

To PIKE: I didn’t know kings lived in shacks.

People always give me crap for not liking Valentine’s Day because I’m single. Sure … that might be part of it, but there’s also a little part of me that just doesn’t want to celebrate a holiday that dawns the initials “VD.”

The ladies might always wear Uggs and a North Face, but most CSU guys wear clown colored hoodies and oversized hats or Hollister T’s and baggy jeans. Stop your complaining … we don’t get much variety either.

To the “Git-r-done” redneck who says he gets girls: The ones from your family reunion don’t count.

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