Yays and Nays

Feb 082009

Yay | to the CSU men’s basketball and hockey teams for their wins this weekend. Who knew hippies could skate?

Nay | to the delay of the Three Unrelated hearings by City Council. Why is City Council so afraid? Could be the thought of hundreds of pissed-off students.

Yay | to the campus play “Much Ado About Nothing.” Shakespeare has never been so cool.

Nay | to secretary of health and human services dropout Tom Daschle. Not only is he a tax cheat, but what’s the deal with those ridiculous “Where’s Waldo” glasses?

Yay | Val Hisam on becoming the College Avenue Editor-in-Chief-elect. Can you say Vanity Fair with a CSU kick?

Nay | to baseball players using steroids. We’re not naming names, but one enhancer might have a name similar to Shay-Fraud.

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