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College Avenue, a CSU student-run magazine focusing on campus and community-related issues, tapped Valerie Hisam to head the student medium Thursday as Editor-in-Chief.

In May, Hisam will be taking over for senior art major Makayla Braden, who currently heads the publication.

The junior technical journalism major has worked as a senior reporter for the magazine for two years. But her interest in journalism spans back before her start in Student Media to her high school days.

“She started in Student Media as one of a handful of high school students who were hired based on their high school work in journalism, and she continued to prove herself in a variety of roles, including senior reporter,” said Larry Steward, president of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation.

Hisam said she choose to get involved with College Avenue because of its different, feature-writing feel that she didn’t get from her previous experience in news and entertainment.

She said she enjoys the process of reporting more than anything else.

“My favorite thing is getting to do an interview — hearing what people have to say and being able to share that story with everyone,” said Hisam.

As EIC, Hisam said she has numerous goals she wants to work toward, especially focusing on staff relations.

“My biggest goal is growing with the staff and putting out 3 to 4 issues next year. Staff is my main focus,” said Hisam. “I hope to improve in all areas and offer more training.”

After conducting a panel interview, the Editor-in-Chief selection committee unanimously voted in Hisam.

“I absolutely think (Val) will succeed,” said Braden. “She’s a very organized person and was a very good overall candidate. With the things she has in mind for next year, great things are expected.”

Steward agreed.

“(Val) has demonstrated her willingness and aptitude to take on the many challenges she’ll face as leader of the magazine,” Steward said. “I feel confident she’ll be able to work with the professional staff and (Braden) to build a solid team and produce a quality journalistic product.”

Staff writer Justyna Tomtas can be reached at news@collegian.com

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