Letter to the editor

Feb 082009
Authors: KatherineClaire O’Connor senior communication studies

One of the signs of a skilled journalist is to be able to sniff out a good story and expose the truth. Sean Reed seems to have this down. Unfortunately maybe Mr. Reed should also take Dr. Dickinson’s SPCM Rhetoric in Western Thought, because his logic is catastrophically flawed.

First it is hasty to say that the church was trying to “prevent their congregation from knowing the truth.” The church wants to put this behind them, but they also want to help heal all those who’ve been hurt. My friend who was hurt by this scandal received personal contact from the church and Brady Boyd himself in hopes of reconciliation. If this is a sign of how the church is trying to withhold, then it is a poor example.

Second the disconnected conclusion in Reed’s article that claims “Because the relationship was consensual, New Life essentially paid this man for engaging in immoral behavior,” is the worst rhetoric I’ve ever heard. If we employ that logic, a mother who loses a child is “rewarded” because a drunk driver crashed into her car. (Instead of the money’s true purpose of being restitution or a pain and suffering pay.)

Last Reed deliberately twists and misrepresents the story by saying that the church is rewarding this man for breaking the Ten Commandments. It was not the intern who engaged in adultery, but Ted Haggard. If you’re going to report, then report well.

Hypocrisy and scandal? Yes. Good journalism? No. Students and faculty deserve better, Collegian.

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