Feb 052009

To the guy riding his motorcycle with a helmet but no shoes, is there really anything up there worth protecting?

Random girls holding vibrators in comic strips are awesome. Thank you Pex and


Fellow students: Next time you see the high kid struggling with his bike lock, please give him some food.

So this “stimulus” will be more than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and people say Bush wasted money…

To the girl I saw lifting weights in Ugg boots: This has really gone too far.

So Daschle didn’t pay some taxes. It’s better than ignoring the constitution for 8 years, using lobbyist money to build a deck for your Alaskan mansion, and tap dancing in public bathrooms to solicit sex. Congrats GOP….

To the kid making fun of con majors. Us hicks were busy drinking beer, growing beards, and getting girls while you were still playing with your sister’s Barbies. Git-r-done

I find it somewhat disturbing that I passed AP Calculus as a junior in high school but now as a sophomore in college I’m legitimately concerned I might fail MATH 130.

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