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Michael Phelps has yet again plastered himself all over the headlines. But this time might be a little more detrimental to the golden boy of the Beijing Olympics.

Recently, the world-record-holding swimmer stuck out on the front page of a British newspaper, not showing off his staggering collection of gold medals, but holding a bong while taking a rip of marijuana.

Come on Michael, really? Even when notorious NFL screw-up Adam “Pacman” Jones pulls out a gun at a nightclub in a threatening way — allegedly — he has the smarts to do it off camera.

Now, we never condone the use of illegal drugs, but as news organizations have reported, Ashton Kutcher defended Phelps, saying, “God forbid he hit a bong. Go ask your 20-year-old kid what they did last weekend.”

We, along with Phelps, find the act a bit childish and inappropriate, and he has apologized for his naughty ways.

Phelps needs to realize that although he is just a 23-year-old, he is admired not only by thousands of teenage women, but children who look to him for inspiration.

The public needs to realize that Phelps is still a college kid, who realistically missed his opportunity to have a childhood where he can make mistakes far from the public eye.

Therefore we all should take a page out of Phelps’ book and relax a little.

And Phelps needs to take this harsh dose of reality and learn from it — don’t let people take pictures of you doing shady things.

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