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Authors: Stephen Lin

The third of several victims scheduled to testify in the case against an ex-CSU employee who is charged with multiple counts of burglary and sexual assault, identified her alleged attacker Samuel Kase White in court Friday.

The trial, which began early Jan. 26 with jury selection followed with opening statements from the prosecution on Jan. 28, entered its fourth day with testimonies from the victims and several witnesses.

When asked by Deputy District Attorney Emily Humphrey to identify the person in the courtroom who sexually assaulted her, the victim pointed to the defendant White, 31, whom she believed broke into her house and raped her.

After getting drunk at local club Road 34 in September 2007, the woman and her roommates left for home with a few friends. Together they smoked marijuana and watched a DVD.

By the end of the night, only the victim, one male friend with whom she had a sporadic relationship and her two housemates remained to sleep in the home.

The victim said she woke in the middle of the night to see a “silhouette in her doorway,” which she assumed was her male friend.

The man proceeded to engage in intimate acts and attempted to have intercourse, until the victim realized the man was not wearing a condom. After telling him to get one, the man asked “Where?” which was when the victim realized it was not her friend.

The woman then testified that she immediately left for the bathroom and attempted to wake up her roommate and her male friend.

The victim’s roommate testified that she was “crying hysterically” when she woke her up. Because she was still under the influence of alcohol from the night before, the roommate said she did not understand and did not get up to help the victim.

The woman then woke her male friend, made him go to her room and they entered to find the attacker standing naked holding his pants in front of him.

The victim said that she demanded that he leave and then left the room to “hide.”

While the male friend escorted the naked assailant to the front door, the intruder said, “I was here with my girl.”

The victim, who said she was still in shock from the night before, called the police the next day. She later identified White in a police line-up after he was arrested on Dec. 3, 2007.

As the woman finished testifying, emotions flowed forth, and she burst into tears while exiting the courtroom.

The trial is scheduled to continue at 8:30 a.m. Monday, and both the prosecutor and the defense said they anticipate the trial will proceed for another week.

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