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Authors: Ariel SenaCalvillo

Music poured out of the doors of Everyday Joe’s Coffee House Saturday night.

Patrons sat inside the red brick shop, drinking coffee next to the stage as several Denver musicians engaged the audience with a night of modern rock.

But this ordinary Old Town night and concert had more of a purpose for two of CSU’s own.

The concert was a benefit for the local non-profit organization Deliver Darfur, which was created by CSU alumnus Rachel Robichaux, who took photographs for the Collegian last year, and senior sports medicine major Carly Knaff to raise money and awareness of the crisis in Sudan, Africa.

Robichaux addressed the crowd, explaining Deliver Darfur’s intent is to have supporters “tell people (about Darfur) and become more aware of what’s going on right now.”

Along with hosting benefit events, Deliver Darfur produces T-shirts, canvas bags and bandanas to raise money for the International Rescue Committee, an organization helping aid the more than two million inhabitants displaced by the conflict.

The event featured performances by Denver bands The Wheel, Bad Weather California and Dan Craig, along with Young Coyotes, who were asked to perform because their Myspace page featured Darfur links.

“It’s a good cause, don’t you think?” Bad Weather California singer and guitarist Chris Adolf said.

In between performances, Robichaux and Knaff introduced their organization’s efforts, after which a video montage from “Darfur Now” featured the crisis and how it was affecting the people of Darfur.

Knaff said Deliver Darfur hoped to raise more than $1,000 for IRC through a silent auction of certificates from local business, along with donations and merchandise sales.

Robichaux said during the course of the night the group raised enough money to fulfill their goal.

The benefit concluded Robichaux and Knaff’s work with organizing Deliver Darfur events because both plan to move away from Fort Collins but said they will continue to raise awareness about the issue.

“If I wear my (Darfur) shirt, people will bring it up,” Knaff said, who believes most people she encounters do not know about the crisis.

Deliver Darfur will continue merchandise sales, and updated information can be found at http://www.deliverdarfur.com.

Staff writer Ariel Sena-Calvillo can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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