Jan 272009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We want to buy beer and sliced bread, and we want to buy them in the same place.

On Tuesday, Colorado supermarket and convenience store owners petitioned at the capitol to allow the sale of full-strength beer in their stores. Under current law, grocery stores are only permitted to sell a less-alcoholic 3.2 beer, while liquor stores can sell the real deal.

This push comes from the decline in demand for 3.2 beer since a new law went into effect in July allowing liquor stores to remain open on Sunday. Storeowners feel this new law has harmed their businesses and given liquor stores an unfair comparative advantage.

Storeowners found support in the signatures of 67,000 Denver-area citizens, the first step in the effort to change the law and make liquor sales more fair.

The Collegian Editorial Board fully agrees. With the advent of Sunday sales, there is no point in having a double standard for beer sales. Allowing some to sell full strength while preventing others just lacks common sense.

In addition, this move would just make sense for consumers. Having to walk across the street to buy your alcohol, right after you made a trek to the grocery store is frankly too much effort for us.

The time for unequal beer potency is past. Let us have our beer and drink it (to get drunk) too.

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