Letter to the Editor

Jan 222009
Authors: Zach Teters

As CSU alum, I was shocked and a little bit disappointed to read about the recent dealings with the Chief of the CSU Police Department, Dexter Yarbrough, which only added to the debacle and mystery surrounding the resignation of former President Penley.

I can only imagine the disgust and distrust that many in the student body must be feeling at the moment. However, CSU needs to stand together during rough times like these because it is not the president, chief of police or any other official that makes CSU as great as it is; it is the students.

Even after seeing the negative news surrounding CSU in the last few months I can still say that I am proud to be a CSU Ram. Keep united, keep positive, and things will recover for CSU.

For those who didn’t like former President Bush, you still woke up every morning and called yourself an American with pride. Please do the same as a Ram.

Leaders and scandals come and go, but spirit and unity can span a lifetime. Stay united with each other and stand against the leaders that misrepresent what CSU is: A fantastic university in an amazing town, filled with smart and determined students that will lead our generation and the generations to come.

Zach Teters

CSU Alumnus

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