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Authors: Kelli Pryor

The Virtuoso Series, a collaboration of performances put on by the University Center for the Arts, kicks the semester off strong with a concert, titled “Super Marimba!” by percussionist Payton MacDonald tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Griffin Concert Hall of the UCA.

MacDonald, who has headlined shows around the U.S., Japan, Canada and Europe, will be performing his own original music throughout the evening by playing the marimba, an instrument similar to a xylophone but has what he calls a bigger and richer tone.

However, for this particular performance, MacDonald explained that he will be amplifying the sound and at the same time be feeding the sound through two pedals. One pedal, called a looping machine, will record what he is playing and repeat it in the background. The other pedal will create distortion to the music, much like a guitar distorter would. The effect, MacDonald said, is that his one man show will sound “like there are twelve people on stage.”

He described his improvised music as “meditative” but still “groovy,” saying “anyone will like it.”

MacDonald will also be available for a “Meet the Artist” reception after his performance for anyone who would like to speak with him.

The Virtuoso Series is a set of performances from both the Center for the Arts faculty members as well as guest artists. The shows are designed to let students and community members enjoy and learn from musicians who excel in their own genre of music, said Jennifer Clary, Marketing and Publicity Director, School of the Arts.

“The community and the students benefit from experiencing these premier performers,” Clary said, citing the artist’s knowledge of their craft and talent.

The Virtuoso productions are sometimes sporadic, but the UCA tries to put them on every Monday evening. The next concert in the series will be held Monday, Feb. 2 and will feature CSU faculty member Miller Asbill with his show “From the Familiar to the Freaky!”

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